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This application form is for RENEWING an existing CSW Research Affiliate appointment. If you are a new applicant, or have been out of the program for 2+ years, please submit the Research Affiliate Application Form for New Applicants.

The Research Affiliate program replaced the CSW Research Scholar program in 2015. The Research Affiliate category provides a CSW affiliation and title for established scholars working in CSW’s mission areas. The program supports selected independent scholars, local to the Los Angeles area, who are conducting research on women, sexuality, or gender and have limited institutional access to a research community. Research Affiliates must have an active research project in progress. CSW encourages affiliation from a diverse group of scholars from across the academic disciplines. In 2017, we are particularly interested in applications from scholars whose projects are related to our current research initiatives, Chemical Entanglements and Food | Water | Shelter. Research Affiliates appointed in 2017 will be expected to participate in working groups or events related to those initiatives.

Research Affiliate Program Goals and Benefits*

The goal of this program is to build an intimate community of independent researchers whose work may enrich and be enriched by congress with UCLA campus faculty working on gender, sexuality, and women. Support includes the following opportunities:

  • Participation in CSW programs, including working groups, publications, conferences, colloquia and research brown bags, and a pilot program of organized faculty-research affiliated exchanges;
  • Use of computer resources in the CSW office (with advance notice);
  • Special UCLA Library Book Borrowing Privileges, which allows CSW Research Affiliates to borrow up to 50 books at a time, renewable remotely with no limit on renewals;
  • Up to 4 parking passes per year provided by CSW when visiting UCLA for CSW business;
  • Eligibility  to apply for a Tillie Olsen Grant, which may be used to fund participation in scholarly conferences, travel to research sites, the purchase of specialized research materials, and/or technical services.
*Due to campus policy, the Research Affiliate title does not provide UCLA Library privileges, VPN access, or a UCLA email address. In lieu of these benefits and as stated above, Research Affiliates may use computer resources in the CSW office. No office space or stipends are available.

Research Affiliate Expectations

Research Affiliates will be expected to participate in CSW’s activities by actively attending and presenting at Research Affiliate Brown Bags, attending CSW events, participating in or leading working groups, contributing to the CSW blog, moderating panels at the annual Thinking Gender graduate student research conference, etc. Research Affiliates are expected to make timely progress on their research projects and we ask that they acknowledge CSW in any finished work (publications, films, installations, and so forth) which results from their affiliation with CSW.

One goal of the Research Affiliate program is the publication of research; of course, this kind of work takes time. As such, progress on a research project includes publication of an article or book, presentations at scholarly or professional conferences, advanced drafts, manuscripts or other research products under consideration by reputable entities, a substantive contribution to a university or a field of research, or similar criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

Renewal of Research Affiliate Status is contingent upon evidence of progress on the research project. Over a two-year period, evidence of progress includes publication of an article or book, presentations at scholarly or professional conferences, advanced drafts, manuscripts or other research products under consideration by reputable entities, a substantive contribution to a university or a field of research, or similar criteria.

In addition, the selection committee will consider the quality of the proposed future research, the potential for the proposed project to interface with CSW’s current research initiatives, the capacity to garner faculty sponsorship of the proposed research project, and/or the active mentoring of others in the program.

Application Materials

1. Curriculum Vitae: please be sure to highlight work completed, published, or presented in the last two years.

2. Sample Publication (not more than 20 pages): Please either upload a file or provide a link to a recent publication (published in the past 2 years). Publications that are still in press are also acceptable.

3. Project Progress Report: a two-page narrative of progress on your project(s) that has taken place in the last two years. As appropriate, the Progress Report should include descriptions of the elements listed below in order:

a. Completed drafts of articles or books

b. Recent and upcoming presentations at an academic or other professional conference or event

c. Recent and upcoming publications in an academic or other professional publication

d. Research-related service activities

e. Other research-related achievements

f. Contributions to CSW programs (ie: event participation, blog posts, working group participation, etc.)

4. Prospectus and Work Plan: a two-page description of your current research project pertaining to women, sexuality, or gender, including an abstract, work plan, and research/project goals for the year of application. The Prospectus and Work Plan should include all elements listed below in order

a. Abstract: a succinct summary of your current research project

b. Work plan: the overall plan for completion of your research project and the long-range goals for academic presentation and publication of the research findings. Please indicate any resources specific to UCLA (library collections, etc.) that you intend to use.

c. Research project goals for the year of application: a realistic summary of what you will achieve during the academic year in terms of your research project. A well-researched and written article can take a year or more to complete. Keep this in mind, as your summary will be an important part of the committee review if/when you seek to renew.

d. Summary of how you envision your involvement with CSW. Please describe how you might contribute to CSW’s current projects and/or programs.

e. Names of three UCLA faculty with whom you plan to dialogue during the current academic year

Deadline: June 1, 2017

Questions? Contact the Center for the Study of Women at csw@csw.ucla.edu

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