“Resist, Reframe, Insist: Alice Notley’s Poetics of Inclusion”

By Elline Lipkin, PhD

Friday, April 16, 2021, 12-1 pm on Zoom  

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This talk considers the experimental poetics of contemporary American poet Alice Notley, one of the few women considered part of the New York school. Notley’s use of an “expanded ‘I’” within her work admits other voices into her poems, rather than just a singular speaker, particularly within her contemporary epic “The Descent of Alette.” Notley’s writing about motherhood and multivocality reflects her commitment to explore boundaries on the page and is a hallmark of her poetic vision.

Elline Lipkin is a poet, academic, and nonfiction writer. Her first book, The Errant Thread, was chosen by Eavan Boland for the Kore Press First Book Award. Her second book, Girls’ Studies, was published by Seal Press and explores contemporary girlhood in America. She is currently a Research Scholar with UCLA’s Center for the Study of Women and also teaches poetry for Los Angeles Writing Classes. From 2016-2018, she served as Poet Laureate of Altadena and co-edited the Altadena Poetry Review

The Center for the Study of Women offers grants to all UCLA ladder faculty for research development, new project development that may lead to external funding opportunities through CSW, and project completion that could be considered for CSW publications (policy briefs, research reports).

Preference will be given to junior faculty and projects that link to CSW’s current research projects. For more information regarding CSW’s current research projects, visit here.

Amount: Ranges from $1500-$3000

Deadline: Monday, May 3, 2021


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  • Recipients will be recognized at a future CSW Awards Celebration. CSW Staff will coordinate your attendance accordingly.

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2020-2021 CSW Policy Brief Competition

Theme: "Gender, Social Justice, and Essential Work"

We are delighted to invite submissions to CSW’s 8th Annual Student Policy Brief Competition. Accepted students will be selected to work with CSW faculty and staff on revising their policy brief for distribution to key community partners and public officials throughout California.

The CSW Policy Brief Prize supports and promotes applied feminist scholarship by graduate students at the UCs. Each CSW Policy Brief presents research in support of a policy change that would substantially improve the health and wellbeing of women and their families. Previous CSW Policy Briefs can be found on our Policy Briefs webpage.

The events of 2020—the global pandemic, widely broadcast incidents of lethal anti-Black state violence in the US, and large-scale protests around the world—have affected all of us in various ways, but not equally. Essential workers (many of whom are women and people of color) have been more frequently and more severely impacted by these events. Many work in environments that increase their potential exposure to the virus (e.g., hospitals and grocery stores), and the risk of spreading the coronavirus to vulnerable family members. Meanwhile, their essential work is often disregarded and undervalued. Additionally, job-market losses are affecting women disproportionately. The pandemic lays bare inequalities that Black feminists and Indigenous feminists have discussed for decades. These are not new or exceptional issues, although the heightened awareness surrounding the pandemic may cast them in a new light.

CSW invites submissions of policy briefs that highlight the gendered and racialized impacts of the pandemic on essential workers in the United States, as well as the gendered and racialized nature of work labeled essential in this context. Submissions may address the theme from a broad national or global perspective, or from a local and specific point of view.

Some examples of questions that submissions may consider include: What are the issues facing populations that do essential work? How and why have the events of 2020 brought these into wider relief? How have essential workers been managing and what kinds of support do they need? How do Black or Indigenous feminist perspectives help us understand the issues essential workers face? What other perspectives may be useful in doing so? Who are the essential workers on the UC campuses and how have they been affected by the pandemic? Many essential workers are also undergraduate students. How have undergraduates been impacted by the drastic changes in university operations during this time?

Successful applications will identify specific issues or problems, contextualize them, and provide action steps for addressing them.

Prize Details


· $500 stipend

· Policy briefs will be published online on CSW’s eScholarship site with the California Digital Library, and distributed digitally throughout the UC system and to key legislative offices around the United States

Deadline: Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 11:59 pm (PST)

Eligibility: Currently enrolled graduate students at all University of California campuses are eligible to apply

To apply, submit the following:

· Online application 

·  A 750-word Policy Brief that responds to the prompt above. Briefs should follow the CSW Policy Brief Template.

· A copy of your current CV

Special Note:

· Students who are qualified under the CA Dream Act of 2011 are eligible to apply. Detailed information on the CA Dream Act of 2011 can be found on this webpage.

· Applicants who are receiving financial aid should consult with the Financial Aid Office. If you are selected as a recipient of this award, your financial aid package may be subject to revision.

CSW must receive all application materials no later than 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, May 9, 2021.

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